Centroamérica es inversión, turismo, diversión y oportunidades!

Centroamérica es inversión, turismo, diversión y oportunidades!
Relax, you´re in Central America!

martes, 5 de marzo de 2013

Surfing El Salvador / Awesome Adventure

 Trip highlights:

  • Proximity: Short flights from USA , only 45min from San Salvador airport
  • Tropical paradise with lush mountainous coastline and stunning interior
  • Break variety: right points and rivermouths
  • Fully guided trip with professional surf and adventure guides
  • Beach hotels for different budgets
  • Great restaurants, bars, nightlife
  • Adventure tours, cultural tours, eco tours, national parks
  • Flexible itineraries including West-East combo packages

Wavehunters El Salvador West trips are customized tours with your choice of hotel accommodations, guided surf tours of the Western surf zone (which extends from La Libertad to Mizata), optional adventure, cultural and ecological tours, and everything taken care of from the minute you land.
Our guided tours and accommodations at the surf breaks eliminates the need to rent a vehicle and worry unnecessarily about dangers on and off the road such as car break-ins, parking and access, getting lost, not going to the right breaks at the right time for the swell, tide and wind, and more. Local knowledge and experience is the key to a great surfing trip in El Salvador as it is in most foreign countries and surfing zones. Here you can have the best of both worlds with surf in front of your hotel as well as numerous, less busy surf spots within a 45min. drive.
Wavehunters and our partner Akwaterra Surf and Adventure Tours are committed to making your journey to El Salvador unforgettable, offering fully customizable packages that include very comfortable facilities, delicious local cuisine, professional bilingual guides, top-notch equipment and a wide range of sea and land activities to suit your individual style and taste. Join Akwaterra's ultimate adventure and go surf sensational waves, kayak in bays and in the ocean, or go on a coastal or deep-sea traditional fishing excursion. Paraglide over amazing mountains, lakes and beaches. Hike or ride to geysers and thermal waters, crater lakes and cloud forests. Take a scenic tour on horseback and ride through an astonishing coffee farm, ride on an exhilarant mountain bike adventure tour through volcanoes or take a rip-roaring ride on dirt bikes and four wheelers.


La Libertad means freedom in Spanish and it is El Salvador's heart of surfing. It is our gem and one of the most consistent surf destinations in the entire world. Our broad exposure towards the vast Pacific Ocean provides these majestic shores with remarkable consistency and quality waves.
La Libertad is to El Salvador as the North Shore is to Hawaii. Located only 30 minutes away from San Salvador and from the Airport, this peaceful port is home to one of the best rights our planet has to offer. It is the premiere destination of every surf trip to El Salvador. A fast, hollow, perfect right located not far from the city dock, Punta Roca will welcome you with arms wide open.
After surfing Punta Roca, AKWATERRA will take you through a wide diversity of surf spots. La Libertad offers you right point breaks like Punta Roca, Punta Cocal, El Sunzal, El Palmarcito, El Zonte, Atami, Km-59, Km-61 and beach breaks like Conchalio, Coco Loco, San Blas and River mouths like our infamous Bocana. Being close to our capital city, most of these spots are relatively crowded on weekends, especially Punta Roca and Bocana. Expect some local attitude. Nevertheless, our crew has all the local knowledge and the right relations to guide into the best waves under the best conditions anytime, anywhere.

La Bocana

A classic rivermouth lineup, la bocana is the locals favorite break. This has to be the most consistent spot in the country. A grinding left and an underestimated right, the waves here can get perfect, real perfect. La Bocana is attacked by city warriors early at dawn on weekends. But from Monday to Friday, expect empty waves but no easy ride. In any swell size, getting caught inside is a certainty. This powerful wave works good on high tide and unleashes its hollow magic on mid tide going low.


Although El Salvador is renowned for its legendary right hand point breaks, there are also plenty of kilometers of beach breaks. These are our primary options on small swells and provide us fun barrels at mid to high tides, especially at early dawn and late evening glass-off.
KM-59 is yet another right point break in this beautiful coastline. Just the ride to get here is a trip by itself. This beach is located in a private gated community of beach houses. AkwaTerra and our friends at K-59 offer exclusive access to this spot, so low crowds are almost a guarantee. The wave is short but offers a hollow section on the inside. Expect isolated perfection in an awesome setting.


KM-61 is a right point break, overshadowed by its famous neighbor K-59. However, you can always appreciate this empty peeling rights from the lineup at K-59. We can guarantee that the paddle is worthwhile. Good at medium to low tides.


Mizata is a point break that offers lefts and rights. This spot is about 45 minutes from La Libertad and it is known for its inconsistent but great waves. However, the drive is completely worthwhile on a solid southwest swell.


This right point is ideally for beginners. Set in the middle of lush vegetation, this break is ideal for fun afternoon sessions.


Punta Coco is AkwaTerra´s pride and joy. A fast hollow grinding right hander working better at mid to low tide. Punta Coco is just a couple of steps away from our property. AkwaTerra and our friends at K-59 offer exclusive access to this spot, so low crowds are almost a guarantee. This spot may be a bit inconsistent, but it can get so perfect, its mindboggling.


Punta Roca, more commonly referred to as "La Punta" is one of the best rights our planet has to offer. It is the premiere destination of every surf trip to El Salvador and more often than not it is crowded. The wave itself barrels graciously on the take-off before walling up for the long, long inside section. La Punta works best from four feet to to fifteen feet and is good on both tides, although it gets shallow on low tide, so be careful with the rocks. La Punta is world class. It's definitely a place that you have to surf at least once, no, make that twice in your life.


El Sunzal is one of the most popular destinations in El Salvador for its consistency and quality. It is a long rideable right with multiple take-off zones. Despite its relatively harmless allure, Sunzal can pack serious currents, especially if you get caught inside. Sunzal is always a good call when everywhere else is flat. At high tide, long boarders will feel right at home at this spot. At low tide, short boarders will find a hollow rippable inside section. Being a deep water break, the place can hold up to any swell size and its definitely a must.


El Zonte is a short but fun right point break. It offers a hollow section in the inside, especially at low tide. The point is settled in a nice cove with beautiful scenery. A striving surfing community is growing based on this right hander, which offers perfection, especially from November to May.

Location: Sunzal point

Secluded among the rocks at Sunzal point, this 4-star boutique hotel provides the ultimate getaway for those seeking a first class escape for a surfing trip, anniversary or family vacation. The hotel has 11 ocean view designer suites with sleeping and sitting area. Bedding is 1 king, 2 queens or triple configuration upon request. All suites have private bathroom with hot water, AC, and Cable TV. A full breakfast is included. Other surf breaks within walking distance include ), La Bocana (left and right rivermouth) and La Bocanita (beachbreak).

Incredible Cuisine

The food is provided by our famous restaurant, where you will enjoy fresh and exquisitely prepared seafood dishes, as well as various selections from a delicious international menu, all in an incomparable beach front setting.


Situated directly in front of the ocean our bar is the ideal spot to take in the sunset while enjoying one of our beach inspired cocktails. Or if you prefer enjoy the game with a beer in our new AC movie room. Whatever your pleasure we can accommodate.

Swimming pool

Enjoy a refreshing swim or relax poolside in this beautiful setting located directly in front of the beach at the heart of the hotel. The pool receives sun the whole day and children can easily be supervised due to the pools central location.

Astounding Service

Our main concern is that you have an unforgettable and relaxing break from your busy life. The wonderful staff are here to insure this is the case and to help you with anything you might need.

Internet Access

Wi-Fi is available in the downstairs restaurant, poolside, upstairs bar & movie room.

Conference facilities

With a space large enough to accommodate 50 people comfortably, on site catering and ocean views you can be guaranteed a remarkable day.

24 hour Security

Our friendly security team looks after our guests every minute of the day.

Location: 1 block from the beach in the heart of El Tunco

This surfer and active lifestyle oriented hotel is located in the heart of El Tunco surrounded by tropical forest, just walking distance from La Bocana and Sunzal breaks. The hotel is strongly committed to sustainable development and promoting recycle programs at Playa El Tunco, so our oceans and the environment are first. During the rainy season, we recollect rain through several channels, filter it, and use it at the hotel. The hotel itself is a unique experience, it is surrounded by trees so you can sit and relax on the deck to appreciate nature. The rooms are spacious with a modern and natural architecture.

Rooms include:

  • A/C or fan
  • Cable tv
  • DVD
  • Wireless Internet
  • Quality beds
  • Breakfast table
  • Refrigerator
  • Small oven
  • Private bathroom
  • Deck and outdoor sitting area

About Playa El Tunco

El Salvador's classic surf town. Having 3 breaks and a nice chill vibe, it has become a must visit in any complete surf trip to El Salvador, year-round sun, good food, fun nightlife and nice people all around. It is surrounded by mountains with breathtaking views. It has a surfer atmosphere, a peaceful tranquility and a lush tropical setting as the dominant tones. Extraordinary sunsets are the perfect ending for every day of your stay
Waves for every skill level, from beginner to advanced. Also ocean view and laid back restaurants and bars offer a unique nightlife in Central America where beautiful sunsets fusion into a magical combination. All breaks perform on different tide stages and sizes, so wind direction is the primary determination factor on sessions. Within walking distance there is Sunzal (right pointbreak), La Bocana (left and right rivermouth), La Bocanita (beachbreak). Playa El Tunco meaning "the pig" is named for the rock in ocean.

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