Centroamérica es inversión, turismo, diversión y oportunidades!

Centroamérica es inversión, turismo, diversión y oportunidades!
Relax, you´re in Central America!

viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013

Turismo en Haiti

Aunque resulte difícil de creer con las notificias y datos que permanentemente recibimos sobre la República de Haiti, en Centroamérica Live! hemos topado con una enorme y grata sorpresa sobre el sitio de turismo que nos demuestra la existencia de muchas y buenas cosas para hacer por aquella tierra lastimada por los gobiernos autoritarios y las inclemencias de la naturaleza.

Information from the oficial website of Haiti

The Republic of Haiti is a beautiful country in the Caribbean adorned with sandy beaches, and mountainous scenic landscapes. While the country has seen its share of melancholies, the country is ready to be explored and eager to share its natural scenic landscapes with the world. With this spirit in mind, HAITI TOURISM Incorporated came into existence.

HAITI TOURISM Inc. was founded on December 28, 2011. Our mission  is to promote the natural beauty of Haiti through Excursions, Scenic Tours, and Historic sites explorations. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the development of Haiti's tourism and economy. In promoting Haiti, our main goal remains to educate the world about the hidden potentials of this great Republic.

We seek to promote Haiti's beautiful beaches and its historical sites through our corporation's unique perspective. We have invested time and efforts to show potential investors opportunities to embrace our vision, which is to see Haiti grow and reclaim its former claim to fame, as the pearl of the Antilles.

What to do?

Petionville is one of the well-liked tourist attractions in Haiti. It is located in the country's capital city and is quite a popular area in Port-au-Prince. Here you will find a lot of the modern amenities, which is a welcome treat after a day's worth of touring a Caribbean heaven.You can take a few hours off dining in restaurant or looking for great deals in one of the many shops. Other than shopping or dining, you can also experience the country's educational inheritance. There is a lot of cultural institution in Petionville that you can visit

Barbancourt Rum Distillery
There are those who associate the Caribbean with rum for some reason. Maybe it is due to the fact that some of the best rums you can ever sample are made here. If you want to some of the best rums in the country then you should pay a appointment to the Barbancourt Rum Distillery. This brewery is a popular tourist magnetism that demonstrates to visitors how rum is made. Not only do you get a tour and a rum production demonstration, you will also be treating to a free sample after the tour. Source: TAE Blog


Haiti is an amazing Caribbean nation. There are various stunning beaches in Haiti. The coastline of Haiti is unspoiled and pristine and is the perfect haven for sun-worshipers and adventure lovers. From the black-sand beaches near Jacmel to the innumerable lovely palm-lined beaches near the capital, the beaches in Haiti will give you an experience of a different kind. Beaches in Haiti will bring you etc