Centroamérica es inversión, turismo, diversión y oportunidades!

Centroamérica es inversión, turismo, diversión y oportunidades!
Relax, you´re in Central America!

miércoles, 2 de octubre de 2013

Recomendaciones para buenas inversiones en real estate en Centroamérica

10 Tips to Buying Real Estate in Central America


Many people are choosing to buy real estate in Central America now that the markets are starting to regain strength. Central America has quite a bit to offer in the realm of real estate too, and it could make a great investment. Whether you plan to buy a new home for your own use, or you want to buy properties you can then rent, you need to know some tips to help you buy right.
Tip #1: Understand Tourism 
You want the property you buy to go up in value over the years, naturally. It’s more than a vacation home. It is an investment. One of the best ways to do this is to watch the number of tourists coming to the area. If the area has a lot of tourists, and the number is growing, it could mean good things for your property. The value will rise as the demand for homes in the area goes up. This can also help you to command more rental money when you are renting the properties out to vacationers.
Tip #2: Understand the Rules 
Different countries and different communities have different rules when it comes to building and making changes to property. Many of the countries are very environmentally conscious, so you may not be able to do with your property what you want to do. Understand the codes, covenants, and restrictions before buying.
Tip #3: Think about Being Green 
Look for green properties and sustainable solutions if you are building a property. As mentioned, the environment is very important to the people of these nations. You can build or buy a great home with all of the features and amenities you need and still be environmentally conscious.
Tip #4: Understand Foreign Real Estate
Make sure you become an expert in the foreign real estate market. Of course, if you don’t have the time to become an expert, you can always hire a professional to help you!
Tip #5: Look at all of the Markets
Check into all of the different areas where properties are available and weigh what you need and want from a property against what they offer. Never settle for less than what you want.
Tip #6: Visit the Country Before Buying
Always visit the country to see what it offers in terms of culture, properties, and safety before you buy. If you love vacationing there, chances are you will love living there as well.
Tip #7: Only Buy Properties You Visit
In addition to visiting the country, you want to visit and visually inspect the property you are considering before you decide to buy. Make sure you are getting what you pay for.
Tip #8: Know How You Will Buy
While it is easier to get a loan in these countries today, it is not a guarantee. You need to make sure that you have the money available to buy – from savings, 401K, sale of an old home, and more before you fall in love with a property.
Tip #9: Become a Part of the Community
Once you have a home in the area, don’t hide yourself away! Become a part of the community and enjoy your new home and your new neighbors.
Tip #10: Rethink Every Decision
It is important to rethink all of your decisions and make sure you are doing what’s right for you before you start spending money and moving to Central America. You want to be happy.

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